Mistress of Ceremonies: Kay King

Kay King, Designer/Consultant, * Fashion *Costume *Interior Design
*Culinary *Travel *Hospitality

Fashion My Future Career Conference Workshops 2015

Keynote Speaker: Jared Lang, CEO and founder of FASHION HOUSTON


A. "Technology" of Fashion Design: computer systems that assist the designer, medical uses of technology in fashion design

Mary Ruppert-Stroescu, Assistant Prof. of Apparel Design and Textile Science

Marina Saba, AII, Illustrator

Chloe Dao, DaoCloeDao, Lectra

Patricia Dunn, Optitex

B. "Engineering" Old things into New: Sustainability, restoration, vintage

Vi Hua

Dawn Bell

C. "Mathematics" of Merchanding: The art of buying and presentation

Davina Tweedy: Langford Market

Jackie Adams: Melodrama Boutique

D. "Geometry" Shaping of Accessories: Scale and design of accessories

  Damari Rubio, Glove designer,

  Jessica McMahon, LilaGabriel

E. "Calculating" Spaces: Interiors that please

Moderator:  Helen Perry, Corporate &b Personal Image Consultant

  Sally Templeton , Houston Custom D├ęcor

  Kelly Amen: Kelly Gale Amen Designs

F. "Financing" the Runway" Fashion shows sell clothes

Claremarie Verheyden, designer, assoc. professor U of H costume history and makeup designer


G. "Science" of Fabric Design: Dyeing, painting, printing textiles

Lisa Waering Sacaris

Shannon Hall

 David Peck, David Peck USA, designer, CEO

H. Faculty, please select "H" as one of your workshops

H) Teacher Workshop: Required session for educators: Networking with exhibitors and peers during the first workshop session CE credits offered